Speak better business English


Worried your English lets you down when you go into meetings, hold conference calls or make presentations? It’s worth investing time to improve.

Of course, apps and websites can teach the fundamentals of the language. Perhaps you learnt the basics at school anyway. But now you’re looking for something else. You want to express yourself fluently and confidently in a business setting.

One-to-one Zoom or Skype sessions with a native speaker

Maybe you’d like to move to an English-speaking culture and immerse yourself? Not always a practical option.  So the only real way of gaining the confidence you need is to hold regular conversations with a native speaker. Thanks to the technology available in 2020, it’s an option that is more practical than ever.

Tailored to your individual needs

When you book a series of regular face-to-face sessions through Here Comes The Cavalry Ltd, the content will be tailored to meet your specific needs. If you want to practise a particular presentation, you can. If there are certain areas of the spoken language that cause you to stumble, it’s possible to focus on them. Essentially, the agenda for each session is something that you shape.

Your tutor and guide

You’ll be in conversation with Phil Woodford – an experienced trainer and mentor, who has worked as an advertising copywriter and creative director in London. Born and raised in the UK, Phil has worked in many different business settings and across a variety of different sectors. He co-hosts a radio show from London each week and is ideally placed to give you advice on how to get a message across effectively and confidently in English.

For an informal discussion without obligation, simply email info@herecomesthecavalry.com.