Practical and involving workshops to help marketers, communications professionals and designers develop their copywriting skills

Here Comes The Cavalry’s copywriting training courses are practical and focused. You can organise a session for your team at your own offices and the content will be tailored to you. The topics covered can include:

  • Fundamental principles
  • Tone of voice and brand personality
  • Print advertisements
  • Online media
  • Blogs and social media
  • Scripts for broadcast
  • Email and direct mail
Approach to training

The workshops are down-to-earth and interactive. Participants take part in discussion and short writing exercises, while receiving guidance on tips and techniques. Throughout the day, people are encouraged to work collaboratively in pairs and small groups.

Benefits to your business

Your team will have greater confidence in approaching the copy they need to write and a good idea of the strategies and persuasive techniques used by professionals. They will also be in a better position to critique work done by freelancers and agencies.

Enquire about an in-house training course

"Phil has been supporting Point 6 as a trusted partner for a number of years. In addition to copywriting, he offers copywriting coaching and mentoring, either face-to-face or via Zoom – which works perfectly for us as a business and has been enjoyable and rewarding for our copywriting team. Phil’s help was especially useful when we lacked a senior writer. He continues to work with us, bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience plus a valuable ‘outside in’ perspective to our monthly group and one-to-one sessions."

Russ Hodgson, Partner and Creative Director, Point 6 Design Ltd

"Phil has been mentoring me for over a year now and has provided lots of support, guidance and encouragement for my creative work. The exercises are well-thought-out, useful and fun, and I've been able to apply lots of the things we've worked on to my freelance work. Phil has a flexible approach and we've covered lots of different topics including lateral thinking/concepting, script writing and content writing. I've learned a lot from the experience, and would highly recommend Phil as a mentor."

Sarah Green, Freelance Copywriter

"Phil supports us with our marketing communications and has done so for many years. He has worked on many projects including internal and external. It’s vital to have effective copy for all marketing campaigns, and we are so lucky we found Phil. His attention to detail is outstanding. He’s super easy to work with, and really gets to know the subject. It is difficult to find someone that delivers and does so quickly. He goes the extra mile to ensure things are just as you’d like. A massive thank you to Phil for all of his hard work, his services are a huge part of our marketing strategy, we would be lost without him!"

Rebekah Gough, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Page Kirk LLP