Larger businesses often have the most sophisticated of marketing operations and they can also call upon the support of countless agencies to assist them in their communications. At first glance, you’d think they’d be the companies least likely to need training in copywriting craft skills. In my experience though, the more expansive the business, the bigger the issues they confront.

Here are some thoughts on why copywriting training particularly benefits large corporates:

(1) A much wider group of people is often involved in writing and reviewing copy. This can lead to inconsistency and incoherence in communications across a range of media.

(2) Larger businesses are less likely to be targeting niche audiences and more likely to be communicating with varied groups of customers. This makes it important to address issues such as flexibility in tone of voice.

(3) The bigger the company, the more likely that communications become internationalised. Alternative approaches to copy may emerge in different locations and some organisations struggle with issues such as consistency over the use of UK and US English conventions.

(4) The politics of larger corporations means that review processes can be complex and tortuous. Having an agreed, coherent approach to copy helps to minimise tension and delay.

(5) The sheer volume of communications in a large business often means that it is difficult for any one person to have an overview of the creative output. Training from an external consultant is often a rare opportunity to sit back and review.

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