No grizzling about this bear: ingenious creative for Tipp Ex from Buzzman

The creative in this campaign is truly breathtaking. It’s hard to know where to start in terms of the number of boxes it ticks.

First of all, there’s the sheer breadth of ambition. So many different videos set in so many different timezones. Second, we have the interactivity. Many brands believe they are doing social media simply by making use of video sharing sites such as YouTube or banging a page up on Facebook. Here, the aim is to ‘gamify’ the social experience, so that people have fun playing with the videos rather than simply playing them. Last, but by no means least, there’s the relationship back to the product. They avoid a sledgehammer approach, but they don’t ignore the fact that there’s a commercial purpose to the communication.

The thinkers at French interactive shop Buzzman certainly know how to erase the creative competition.